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Riding school, gliding, boat racing and golf. The Borgo di Mustonate is the ideal spot for enjoying sports in all four elements: air, water, land and fire. Fire, obviously, is your passion.


The Mustonate Equestrian Centre is a multi-disciplinary training centre for horses. In accordance with international regulations, the centre is a member of F.I.S.E. (Italian Equestrian Sports Association) and provides the facilities and equipment required for training for and taking part in the most important horse races and Olympic events. The Borgo is close to the Le Bettole Hippodrome of Varese, the San Siro Hippodrome in Milan.

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This is the land of golf: from the historic Golf Club of Luvinate, to the Golf dei Laghi in Travedona Monate, Le Robinie in Solbiate Olona, the Panorama OF Varese and the European Golf Club OF Ispra as well as another seven golf clubs within a range of 60 kilometres.


In addition to the Varese Rowing Association, there are other sporting clubs a few kilometres from the Borgo di Mustonate, such as the Rowing Clubs in Monate and Gavirate. Even the Australian National Team has chosen Lake Varese as its headquarters by setting up the Australian Hub in Gavirate.


Vola a vela

Varese is the most important place in Italy for gliding. By the lakeside in Calcinate, a few hundred metres as the crow flies from Mustonate, is the Aero Club Adele Orsi. Also in the area are the Aero Club di Varese in Venegono Inferiore and the Aero Club “Alessandra Passaleva” in Vergiate.


A 27,66km circular asphalt trail circumnavigates Lake Varese, suitable for everyone, including families with children being mostly flat and mostly traffic-free. It is well-marked with its own distinctive signs.
The trail is very impressive and varied as it passes from the meadows to the woods to the lake with a backdrop of the Alps

There are also well-marked drinking fountains regularlrly spaced along the route. There are lots of cafes and bars along the way for a well-deserved break!
The hotel Foresteria dei Piaceri Campestri is a member of the Club Lago Maggiore Bike Hotels Group.
To rent a bike, please contact "Lido Bike Hire (noleggio biciclette)" . Tel: 346.6220200, Via Dei Canottieri, Schiranna, Varese.


A visit to the most interesting and beautiful area of the Campo dei Fiori Park is made possible by an extensive network of well-marked trails, which are, in most cases, easy walking-. There are a total of 21 paths within the park plus some themed trails with information boards.

The tracks that cross the Oasi della Lepre Italica of the Borgo di Mustonate connect to Path 21 of the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park.



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